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Baby Names
by Vimla Patil
ISBN : 978-8171670123
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 60
Language : English
Baby Names is a book containing nearly 4000 beautiful Indian names to choose from. Catering to varied preferences – religious, poetic, moral and contemporary – ...more »
100 Best Poems For Children Paperback – 25 Oct 2015
by Deepa Agarwal
ISBN : 978-8129137357
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 195
Language : English
What is it about poetry that a verse you read in your childhood stays with you for the rest of your life? Open the pages of this book and go on a mesmerizing jo...more »
101 Health Problems Of Children
by Pradeep Kapoor
ISBN : 978-8129118264
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 395
Language : English
Every child is unique and each of them develop in their own way and in their own time. Parents, who are the most important people in any child’s life, play a ma...more »
After Tendulkar: The New Stars Of Indian Cricket
by Soumya Bhattacharya
ISBN : 978-9383064724
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 495
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
A riveting account of the new young India cricket team, its stars and where this team could take the country in the game that defines the worlds most populous d...more »
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
ISBN : 978-8171674381
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 95
Language : English
A children's classic published in 1865, this book tells the story of Alice and her dreams as she pursues a white rabbit to meet the Duchess, Cheshire Cat, Mad H...more »


Fun with Riddles (Fun Series)
by Terry O' Brien
Rs. 95


Dharmasutra Parallels Containing the Dharmasutras of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana and Vasistha
by Patrick Olivelle
The Cult of Jagannatha Myths and Rituals
by Jose Carlos Gomes da Silva


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