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Babaji : And The 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition
by M. Govindan
ISBN : 1895383005
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 180
Language : English
This is a rare account of Babaji, who has retained his youthful form since the third century A.D., and of the immortal masters of southern India, the Siddhas, w...more »
Kriya Yoga : The Science Of Self-realization
by J.R. Santiago
ISBN : 81-7303-184-3
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 125
Language : English
What is Kriya yoga ? Pracatitioners regard kriya yoga as the best and fastest method of attaining self-realisation. But what lies behind this mystical, ancient ...more »
Kriya Yoga :its Mystery And Performing
by Swami Sadhananda Giri
ISBN : 9788190284516
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 250
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
Kriyayoga is not something strange or enigmatic, nor a figment of fancy. It is essentially an easy and simple method of performing art, firmly grounded on real...more »
Kriya Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali And The Siddhas : Translation, Commentary And Practice
by M. Govindan
ISBN : 1895383129
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 180
Language : English
: Patanjali refers to his yoga as "Kriya Yoga": the "yoga of action with awareness." His Yoga-Sutras are universally considered to be among the two or three mos...more »
Tantra Yoga Nada Yoga And Kriya Yoga
by Swami Sivananda
ISBN : 8170520428
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 95
Language : English
Tantra Sadhana includes the recitation of Mantras, performance of rituals through Yantras and an adjustment of oneself to the particular degree of reality, whic...more »


Fun with Riddles (Fun Series)
by Terry O' Brien
Rs. 95


Dharmasutra Parallels Containing the Dharmasutras of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana and Vasistha
by Patrick Olivelle
The Cult of Jagannatha Myths and Rituals
by Jose Carlos Gomes da Silva


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