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Bhasha Prakash-bangla Vyakaran
by Chattopadhyay
ISBN : 978-8171678532
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
History Of Classical Sanskrit Literature
by M. Krishnamachariar
ISBN : 9788120802841
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 1195
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
The present work is an analytical account of classical Sanskrit literature in its historical perspective. It is divided in six books, of several chapters, each...more »
Indian English Literature Contemporary
by Santoshkumar G. Chauhan
ISBN : 9788187471769
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 1095
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
Mathematics And Medicine In Sanskrit
by Dominik Wujastyk
ISBN : 9788120832466
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 600
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
The chapters in this volume were originally presented in the panels on Scientific Literature at the 12th World Sanskrit Conference in Helsinki, Finland. They re...more »
Sanskrit Grammar
by R.G. Bhandarkar
ISBN : 9788180901829
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 500
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : Sanskrit To English
This book is about Sanskrit Grammar. The book presents the rules of the grammar in a very simple and lucid manner. The tenses, e.g. present, past, future, pre...more »


Fun with Riddles (Fun Series)
by Terry O' Brien
Rs. 95


Dharmasutra Parallels Containing the Dharmasutras of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana and Vasistha
by Patrick Olivelle
The Cult of Jagannatha Myths and Rituals
by Jose Carlos Gomes da Silva


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