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Introduction To Tantra Sastra
by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe
ISBN : 8188808180
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 150
Language : English
An Introduction To Buddhist Esoterism
by Benoytosh Bhattacharyya
ISBN : 9788120806252
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 395
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
In spite of the prevalent view against Tantricism and Tantric literature, Hindus in general are in the grip of this very Tantra in their daily life, customs and...more »
Creation As Explained In The Tantra
by Arthur Avalon
ISBN : 8177695967
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 50
Language : English
Primarily a book for the student of Tantra and Indian philosophy, this short text will give some meaning to the notions of creation as seen through a Tantric pe...more »
Garland Of Letters
by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe
ISBN : 8188808243
Price (Hardbound) : NA
Price (Paperback) : Rs. 200
Language : English
Hindu Mysticism
by S. N. Dasgupta
ISBN : 9788120803039
Price (Hardbound) : Rs. 250
Price (Paperback) : NA
Language : English
This book is a systematic introduction to Hindu mysticism as it evolved in India through the ages. Mysticism is not an intellectual theory, It is fundamentally ...more »


Fun with Riddles (Fun Series)
by Terry O' Brien
Rs. 95


Dharmasutra Parallels Containing the Dharmasutras of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana and Vasistha
by Patrick Olivelle
The Cult of Jagannatha Myths and Rituals
by Jose Carlos Gomes da Silva


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